High Customisation

Select from a vast array of icons, colours, and labels which allow you to easily differentiate points on your map.

Add extra custom fields to ensure your points contain all the information your users will need.

Wow your Website

Make an impact with your site’s visitors by adding a real-time map to any of your pages. Filter your data to ensure visitors only see specific pieces of information.

Cloud Secured and Locally Hosted

Operating from the cloud your data is kept safe and secure from data loss and hostile activities.

Your data is hosted exclusively within your own region to ensure data laws are kept as simple as possible.

Multiplatform and Real Time Enabled

Ensure your staff and customers are kept up to date anywhere by installing our app on tablet or phone.

Enable Real Time to ensure they are aware of any changes that occur throughout the day.

Integrates With

Route Planning Enabled

Automatically calculate the most optimal routes between any numbers of points.

Webhooks and Callbacks Enabled

Setup rules so that actions taken on your map page imitate actions on other programs.

Automatically send emails, update calendars, or link to webpages.

Fully Supported

Find guidance on setting up new features for your map with our chat system and expansive set of online documents.