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The Real Estate Example treats every pin as a unique property with colours representing the status of that property and the pin types or iconography representing what type of property is it.

This example has been setup with five users types:

  • Administrators can edit every aspect of the setup including who else has access to the map.
  • Sales Agents can view all properties and add information to each of them. They are default filtered to just see properties available for rent and sale
  • Property Managers can view all properties and add information to them like the sales agents but are default filtered to just see properties that are currently rented and to be managed.
  • Property owners can login and view the latest events and updates that have occurred with their managed sites.
  • Prospects utilise the map as a standard property listing map as seen above.

Get the Marketing Edge

Give your clients up-to-date information with a “wow” factor and become an industry leader without all the administration headaches. Offer streamline access to their reports, photos and history all in the one place.

Whether they’re renting or selling, your clients are sure to be impressed by instant updates and peace of mind. Get properties off the market with 3D imaging and a fully customized display. Help buyers along the way with route calculation and immediate sale progress alerts.

Reduce Your Paper Trail and Control Critical Information

Information can be added to CRM-Map on the fly from any device within seconds, ensuring that nothing is lost throughout the day’s travel and inspections when time is short, and pressure is high. Reporting back to clients and prospects is made easy with automatic notifications and personalized client logins.